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Surprise! It's already #Godot4 beta 6! We're now releasing a new beta every week.

And this one is HUGE:

🌀 GDScript cyclic reference issues begone! @adamscott
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Multiplayer API feature complete @fales
🖼️ Canvas environment background mode fix @clayjohn 💨 Animation tree blending optimization


I feel like making a Mastodon bot that will post motivational quotes every day.

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My implementation of Avro Phonetic in Python now has a new, minor release with small patches done here and there! :D

GitHub: github.com/hitblast/avro.py

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Hi all!

Here's something else I did a while ago, but I still like it.

Made with #Blender and this time in a really #NPR style.

Obviously and sadly, I couldn't put it on Sketchfab. To much Shader haha.

You can find a better version here: youtu.be/iPvTrAgUfcQ


#lowpoly #mastoart #3d #b3d

convince me to play Omori with one sentence.

huhuhu im a game reviewer now

anyway check this one out its pretty cool: store.steampowered.com/app/168

best language ever?

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i made a game! in godot engine! in (slightly over) three hours! for the famously intense 🔥Trijam🔥, the three-hour game jam!

it even turned out quite alright, all things considered :D

play it here (if you wanna): nnoooo.itch.io/avoidr

Hello potos :) been a while, share your pets


Poto.cafe, for potos