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Haven't posted here in a while,
so, here are some goddamn cool news for you to check.
Because it's well known that people mustn't see any sight of gay for the purpose of staying Healthy:tm: and Sane:tm: and for not themselves to turn into Gays (eww, gaaays).

joking, of course.
i want to escape this country so much.

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I am listening to megalovania for 2 hours already and still ain't tired, still enjoyin. duckling syndrome for UT as it is.

if god took a pity on the babylon tower, would we have only one programming language now? :ded:

kiinda depression talk, wondering about psychotherapy 

Only, like, 1-2 hours a day I feel somewhat energetic. And not every day. Is that ADHD and cryptodepression taking a toll on me? Can't know without attending psychotherapist. But welp.

One of many issues regarding this therapist visitage is me expecting fast results, yep me knowing that I won't get any results any time soon, and both stances being in conflict with each other, with both being quite unrealistic. What a trap.

finally, finally found a place to visit this saturday.
hoping i will meet someone interesting. so tired of being lonely, or surrounded by mean folk.

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Долгое пребывание на свежем воздухе и ярком солнце хорошо влияет на всех. Даже на российский флаг.

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I took this earlier today trying to frame something horror like. It has the ambience of a horror game.

have found smth, but it's on 10th of july 😩
soooo looong, soooo far.

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remember kids:

never put any real information online, you never know when you might change your gender

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Asking folk around, hoping I will find some queerish meeting in the glorious country of :flag_wbw:. So far, have only found a kinda party for trans folk, but I hope I will manage to find something.
You don't meet queerish people in :flag_wbw: very often, or more like, don't meet at all - folk's afraid, not the best country to be a queer. But we still exist, ye?

I again listen to at night instead of sleeping
Happens too regularly
As in, eateot really fits my mood at night - dead, lost, restless and tired at the same time, lonely, this stuff. the best way to get rid of these feelings is to, well, sleep, but I prefer to amplify them instead :ded:

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Tbh what most puts me off Rust is that I don't think I'm smart enough for it

This moment he knew - he f___ed up.

Windows recovery tool cannot do ANYTHING to restore Windows, only open the console. As I've figured out, the issue is in the death of something that is responsible for users accounts, however, I am clueless how to fix it - my account simply had disappeared from the registry, and I cannot create a new one, as in, so it's added to the registry.

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