This moment he knew - he f___ed up.

Windows recovery tool cannot do ANYTHING to restore Windows, only open the console. As I've figured out, the issue is in the death of something that is responsible for users accounts, however, I am clueless how to fix it - my account simply had disappeared from the registry, and I cannot create a new one, as in, so it's added to the registry.

"Likable person" psychological test. I don't really know is it true for me, but maybe :ded:

coding and discording in my spare time n my uni

Yay, new armchair. no longer will sit like a shrimp and damage my spine further :100_gay:

I wonder when will I get at least one survey. The hope is not lost, maybe Google finds out smth to ask my humble russian body.

Oooooo my god twitter but better
My metro train, last station, everyone has left

Mastodon, for potos