Wow, 0%. Usually it stops working at 3%. Is my battery dying :ded:

Tumblr is going to implement ActivityPub.
What do you think? Is it great that the Onceler Fandom Lair is with us now, or nop, since Tumblr is corporate?

Cats. (CATS)

Their names are Findus (the thinner one) and Baileys (the bigger one).

Why does RC Refresher Green Apple is titled like an antifreeze liquid, looks like an antifreeze liquid and is as tasty as an antifreeze liquid (very :ded: )

I've been CIAd 🍆 by a potentially stinky potentially poo @glow_in_the_dark_cia_agent
wonder what does it do

when no remember, when forgor 💀
be sure to post to mastodon 😌
maybe then you'll remember 🧠
how it feels to be... not old? all pog? alone? with you?

Making rhymes is hard. Especially ones making at least some sense.

Everywhere At The End Of Time is apparently mentioned in default Mastodon settings.

*hard metal starts playing*

my minecraft 1.19.2 modpack. made in MultiMC5, should be compatible with PrismLauncher, if I understand this correctly. Has Faithful Ultimate textures and Complementary Reimagined shaders.

Holy peck someone has ordered anarcho-communism

Le Protectique Layeri.

Pros -
* No Russian ЙЦУКЕН keyboard layout letters. The visuap asthetics of my keyboard are less cluttered, nice. I remember it anyway, I am a hackerman since the age of 6 :ded:
* Will protect my keyboard from foodation.
Cons -
* Barely sticks to keys and just feels like nasal snots when touched. Seems like it is only so slightly deformed, but enough to be a party killer.
* My keyboard is foodated already.

This moment he knew - he f___ed up.

Windows recovery tool cannot do ANYTHING to restore Windows, only open the console. As I've figured out, the issue is in the death of something that is responsible for users accounts, however, I am clueless how to fix it - my account simply had disappeared from the registry, and I cannot create a new one, as in, so it's added to the registry.

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