Haven't posted here in a while,
so, here are some goddamn cool news for you to check.
Because it's well known that people mustn't see any sight of gay for the purpose of staying Healthy:tm: and Sane:tm: and for not themselves to turn into Gays (eww, gaaays).

joking, of course.
i want to escape this country so much.


a dog is not good when it's not a dog?
as in, shitty good dogs == shitty dogs?
as in, good is the part of the definition of a dog?
so basically a proper dog is a good good dog?
are we one shitty good dog? am I? are you?

From Twitter 

принуждеение к коллективной вине. докса перегибать сильно начала с началом войны. и до неё были радикальны, но теперь это уже удар в пол полной наивности.

ну не могут же все быть активистами. ну нельзя же быть активистом только из чувства вины и пост-фактум. и в конце-концов, разве таким токсичным постом добиться нужного эффекта?

мне это напоминает риторику типа "вот вы гады все, родили солдат-фашистов", где тупо винят, без какого-то либо позитивного эффекта.

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@asdreemurr@eldritch.cafe случайно заблочили порты IPSec и L2TP, через которые может работать OpenVPN. Тут немного иная ситуация.
Хорошо то, что эти протоколы можно маскировать под другие типы трафика. Не знаю есть ли такое для wireguard. Но эта маскировка не поможет, если будут пробировать трафик, но это ресурнозатратно делать с каждым соединением.

I am listening to megalovania for 2 hours already and still ain't tired, still enjoyin. duckling syndrome for UT as it is.

if god took a pity on the babylon tower, would we have only one programming language now? :ded:

kiinda depression talk, wondering about psychotherapy 

Only, like, 1-2 hours a day I feel somewhat energetic. And not every day. Is that ADHD and cryptodepression taking a toll on me? Can't know without attending psychotherapist. But welp.

One of many issues regarding this therapist visitage is me expecting fast results, yep me knowing that I won't get any results any time soon, and both stances being in conflict with each other, with both being quite unrealistic. What a trap.

finally, finally found a place to visit this saturday.
hoping i will meet someone interesting. so tired of being lonely, or surrounded by mean folk.

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Долгое пребывание на свежем воздухе и ярком солнце хорошо влияет на всех. Даже на российский флаг.

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I took this earlier today trying to frame something horror like. It has the ambience of a horror game.

have found smth, but it's on 10th of july 😩
soooo looong, soooo far.

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remember kids:

never put any real information online, you never know when you might change your gender

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@solidsanek oh yes 😩
there also was neko appolyon, neko tlost (twost) and neko lost
must have for every tboier

"the default theme is a custom theme" :ded:

@helene just add la, le and oui to the beginning of each word
"le me know how to la speak le frankois, oui"

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