Clear skies last night! Still had some technical issues (aka, clouds and tree branches) that spoiled a lot of subs. So this is what I got with limited data... #AstroPhotography #Astrodon

I'm so excited about TextMesh in Godot that I've used it to create a new feature in GOAT's demo: a door viewer! ;) As you can see, Godot 4 is always just out of reach ... #GodotEngine #MadeWithGodot #gamedev #adventuregame #goat

My tripod came into today and I wanted to try some night time photography. I'm so amazed to see how great and unique my phone can take a picture at night looking at a far away star. I can't wait to see the results on my dedicated camera. This was pitch black outside mind you. 20 second exposure is pretty killer I guess.

France bans the use of O365 😍

This is great news and I can't wait to see the alternative that France uses and where this leads to.

Welp I swapped Twitter with Mastodon on my phone's home screen. Muscle memory should take things from here

For more context, you can read Mick's full story (lengthy read) at: and you can compare the reddit post by Marty.

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Man, fuck they write the worlds sketchiest response to who after two years finally responded to Marty's inane Reddit post, defending himself, and they have the audacity to say Mick Gordon is telling a one sided story. I've been a huge since 2003 with ET. But now, I won't support Bethesda nor their partners for not taking the right action here.

and always get fucked over by corporations.

This is big, big news! Our game demo is now available! 😍
Please share the good news with your friends and family, we wish you a lot of fun! 🙂
#game #demo #godotengine #Tailquest #gamedev #indiegame

I did a series of Norse mythology-inspired paintings after reading Niel Gaimans book on the subject, which eventually got me some followers with very shady vibes 🙄

I'll be posting a few of the drawings in the coming days.

So this is Thor, who sometimes used to travel to Jotunheim just to slay some frost giants whenever he was in a bad mood 🔨

#procreate #norse #vikings #MastoArt

Warning to those using #budgiedesktop on #archlinux: There is a bug that was introduced introduced in Mutter 43.1 that causes window resizing to not work properly in some scenarios, leading to significant artifacting and weird behavior. The GNOME Shell team are looking into this, but in the meantime, I would recommend downgrading the "mutter" package to 43.0 until the issue is resolved.

My #GodotEngine 4 Dungeon Environment tutorial is out now on YouTube! If you want to learn how to make environments like this, check out the link below:

#GameDev #IndieDev

Noclip: site with a lot of 3D maps from console and PC games.
It can be useful to study some structures and designs.

Maps are not downloadable but the site has some tools to navigate, disable elements, etc.

It occurred to us that we never did an #introduction - and we've been here a whole 24 hours. We're #RaspberryPi. We're from #Cambridge, UK, where we design and make tiny #computers and #microprocessors. We've sold more than 50 million of our computers in the last ten years: you'll find them everywhere from hackspaces and schools to the #ISS, tracking penguins on glaciers and automating factories.

So far we're really liking it here.

This is our first post on Mastodon ✨

Elementallis is a zeldalike where you use the Elements to fight, solve puzzles and progress on your adventure 🔥 💧 ⚡ ❄️

Wishlist Elementallis on Steam here 👇

#pixelart #indiegame

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