Registration opens today for the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Summer 2022! Learn about the Plan9 operating system in a collaborative and friendly community based learning environment.

Join us!

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I took this earlier today trying to frame something horror like. It has the ambience of a horror game.

I am by no means a photographer. I found a great eBay deal for two cameras and I wanted a Fuji. Critic me at will.

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I was able to visit Jerome AZ. I was not able to take too many shots, but I think my hand selected few are great enough to post.

Don't be afraid of shaders in Godot! They're not scary black magic voodoo. This tutorial should help get you started with the basics. #GodotEngine #shaders

Here's #GodotEngine 4.0 alpha 8!

Two weeks more of progress, including the merge of Text-to-Speech support! (Not used by the editor for now, but you can use it from the DisplayServer API.)

Also a lot of internal changes and bugfixing.

Very cool to see @netbsd here on SDF #mastodon ! SDF is the largest NetBSD site in production and we've been running it since the 1.2 release while we were on DEC Alpha and currently on 9.x x86_64 Thanks to Eric Schnoebelen (RIP), Christos Zoulas, ryo (rsh), Masa Saitoh and ebijun as well as others for the support over the years!

#introduction #new #welcome #netbsd #thankyou

It's great that the family is back home from their Mexico trip. But now, all of my projects come to a halt to support them. At least I was able to install my pi and pihole to surprise my daughter with no ads on her tablet. The pi-hole team is doing gods work. -hole

We welcome with open arms those who have to flee from Putin’s bombs.

Our Temporary Protection applies to everyone fleeing the war from Ukraine.

More information →!7dGHRh

A bit of inception..scanning my Mastodon notifications feed from the A2000.

Once you get the syntax down, you can do a lot with this.

#amiga #mastodon #tootstream

Time to finally join the Pi ecosystem and to fulfill my several projects. And perhaps, buy my daughter one to learn. 😃

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Inside: Renegotiate the web "bargain" by blocking all ads; and more!

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So an #introduction is in order, I suppose.

I'm a developer for open source projects like the :budgie: Budgie Desktop @BuddiesOfBudgie, and formerly a community maintainer for the Solus operating system. I'm also a student, currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science at UMBC.

I like space, video games, animation, open source software, computer hardware, and staying hydrated.

There are about 12 SDF mug cups left celebrating 25 years (1987-2012) here:

Amazing that we made these 10 years ago and they have not found homes, but they are still available if you'd like one.

Hi, we're the SDF Public Access UNIX System - a non-commercial collective of artists, musicians, DJs, coders, hackers and friendly creative types. Here are some pictures of SDF over the past 30 years (we're celebrating our 35th this year).

We joined #mastodon in May of 2016 migrating from #statusnet #gnusocial #pumpio #elgg & #diaspora

It seems that Mastodon is one of the best things to happen to the INTERNET. Welcome!

#introduction #introductions #new #fediverse #hello #unix #bsd #linux

For my

What are you currently working on and for how long?

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