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Starting a band called Main Page. We will quickly become popular, since Wikipedia will have no choice but to include a disambiguation link to us at the top of its own homepage.

Somewhat recently recovered an iPod 5th gen, 5.5 gen, 2 6th gens, nano 1st gen, nano 2nd gen, nano 7th gen, 2 touch 2nd gens, and 1 touch 4th gen. I am now overwhelmed with iPods. And I'm loving every second of it.

(Oh pretty much all of them except one of the 6th gens works)

How it's going as of now:

I should clarify, I know how to fix this, and I'll probably have fixed it by the time you read this, but I just thought it was a funny bug lol

Also disclaimer none of these assets are mine, I just nabbed them off itch.io for free during the development phase.

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What's my next project to add to my list of ever-growing projects? I decided to have a stupid idea and create a smash bros-like game that is on pretty much every video game platform in existence. From the NES to the C64 to the PS1 to Windows XP to Linux to the Wii, etc, with cross-platform multiplayer between them. As of now, I have done a grand total of 0 work in achieving this goal, so wish me luck. Probably going to use Godot for the more modern versions of the game.

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i still havent accepted that some phones no longer have headphone jacks

last time i was visiting friends i had to use julia's phone for a bit because banking apps and my phone being rooted and all that, and the mic didnt work well so i decided to plug in my headphones

i kept rotating the phone around and looking on different sides until eventually i realized that it just does not have a headphone jack

how do people even live without headphone jacks,

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hot take, but if your business can't both stay open and pay workers a living wage, then it should close

Also lmao I find it funny how I'm the only one in the entirety of the federated Mastodon who posts about Ace Attorney

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Everyone always has that one topic they know an abnormally large amount of information in, and it's the thing they're the most knowledgeable in compared to others.

Now I don't know whether to feel ashamed or proud that my topic is the Ace Attorney soundtracks.

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🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈

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Friendly reminder that corporations aren't your friends, also not during pride.

They don't join into pride because they care. They join because they see a way to sell you stuff.

Your friends though? They're awesome. Invest in your friends, not in corporations :)

Also, definitely equip free in-game pride items if the games you play give you any, just to spite the *phobes.

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Saying RTFM is a privilege earned by doing the work of WTFM

🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈

Oh god now that I'm being forced to use Windows again I'm realising just how much of a pain automatic updates, and just Windows updates in general, are.

On Linux, it's usually just a task that doesn't consume that many resources, is mostly optional, and can just run in the background. Sometimes, you might need to restart, but even if you do, it usually isn't immediately necessary, and restarting pretty much always just takes the length of a normal restart, no longer.

Ok so apparently I'm fighting Phoenix in court. Why? Because it seems Phoenix has turned evil for some goddamn reason, and is forsaking his past moral code to defend a politician that he's never met over believing the foster father of his adopted daughter's half-brother. ...wow this is a really complicated case.

Just finished Spirit of Justice's 4th case, and yeah, it really could've been better. I wish it didn't have as many jokes about "balloons", and I just generally wish there was more to the case. I've usually had fun playing through cases with "third case syndrome", but this one was certainly an exception.

Anyway, I'm onto the 5th case and Capcom, please stop having some characters ship a half-brother and half-sister with a 7 year age gap, especially when one of them is only 17.

Apparently presenting irrelevant evidence is bad enough to cause the Judge to lean closer to wanting to convict your client guilty, but physically assaulting and injuring someone else in the courtroom isn't a problem in the slightest, because why would it be?

Working on an Ace Attorney first case remake where I mix the magatama and a minigame from Danganronpa to make what I think is a cool fun mechanic for Ace Attorney. Using Godot to make the remake, since it wouldn't be feasible to mod any of the actual games, and Godot is always going to be my preferred game engine.

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To all the Ace Attorney fans reading my posts, which cross-examination theme do you prefer the most?

Sorry for the grouping, Mastodon won't met me add more than 4 options to a poll. Might do a more specific poll later on based on the results of this one.

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remember kids:

never put any real information online, you never know when you might change your gender

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